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Brunt Blind Engine

Make a Smart Motorized Blind
The Brunt Blind Engine is a device that transforms your standard home blinds into smart electric blinds.
Using our device, you can motorize your existing blinds for an affordable price.
The Brunt Blind Engine also connects to your smartphone,
allowing remote control and scheduling of your blinds anywhere, anytime.


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Recognition Control
Main Features

Comparison to Alternatives

Existing Electric Curtains

The Brunt Blind Engine

$300 - $600

Motor Price

About $130

Installer Required


DIY Installation

$100 - $200

Install Cost



Curtain Type

Indoor Only

Remote Control

Indoor, Outdoor,

(Remote Control Required)

Timer Control

(Remote Control Required)

Multiple Control


Location Recognition Control


Voice Control,
Weather Info. Connection and Additional Features


Compatible with Most Roll-Type Blinds

The Brunt Blind Engine is designed to be compatible with most roll-type blinds available on the market,
allowing blinds of all different shapes and sizes to be successfully fitted.
Curtains of

Blind Cords Compatibility

The Brunt Blind Engine comes with two different gears include Cord for normal string cords/small ball chains and Chains for Large ball.
Those two gears are designed accommodate most type of blinds.
Cord & Small Beads Gear Large Beads Gear
1.3mm - 4.7mm
6mm - 6.6mm


Installation can be Completed in Just One Minute.

The Brunt Blind Engine comes with double-side tape and screws, providing two easy ways for anyone to attach and
install the device to the wall without the help of an installer.
It takes 3 minutes for the total installation including mobile app connection.

Installable location

Brunt blind engine Fit to window frame, also on the wall.
  • Wall
  • Window frame
Mobile Control


UI of Brunt App is intuitionally designed so anyone can easily handle it, even they are not familiar with IT device.
You can set the maximum and minimum of blinds length so you can raise and lower
your blinds until whatever you set. also whether you’re inside, outside, or even traveling abroad,
you can raise and lower your blinds anytime and anywhere.

Customize your Lifestyle with Auto-Light Control

Protect from strong sunlight during the day, and guard your privacy at night.
The Brunt Blind Engine’s timer function allows you to set your desired blind heights in advance, and
then executes them when scheduled.
Create a more relaxed lifestyle by utilizing smart light controls set to match your day-to-day activities.

Morning: 7 am

Wake up to the refreshing morning sun!

Afternoon: 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Allow your baby
to nap comfortably during the day!

Afternoon: 4:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Go out without worrying
about leaving a visibly empty house!

Evening: 11:30 pm

Time to sleep! Lower the curtain!
Simultaneous Control

Welcome & Goodbye. Action

Even if you use multiple blinds in your home, they can all be easily and simultaneously controlled.
With the Brunt App’s Welcome & Goodbye feature, you can raise and lower multiple blinds at the same time.
This action can also be used to simultaneously control all other devices registered in the Brunt App,
such as the Brunt Plug and the Brunt Powerstation.
Location Awareness Control

Automation Depending on Your Location

The Brunt Blind Engine also allows for convenient auto-run capabilities depending on your current
geographic location. Brunt Blind Engines registered in the Welcome & Goodbye action
can automatically move your blinds when you arrive or leave home.
(Your location and blind settings can be adjusted to fit your preferences.)
Voice Control

Order Using Your Voice

"Raise Blind"
"Open Blind to 50percent"

Naver Clova Amazon Alexa Google Home Kakao Mini KT Giga Genie SK NUGU
(Please refer to user guide related to connecting service, support language and
detailed voice guide, etc. in each voice service app or Brunt app.)
Share Permission

Share Control with Family and Friends!

The Brunt App’s Share Permission feature easily lets you extend
control of your devices to others sharing your living space.

Auto-Stop in Emerygency

The Brunt Blind Engine is designed to take into account the safety of children and small pets.
Blind operation will automatically stop if the line catches,
or if the Brunt Blind Engine detects additional abnormal weight or pressure.

Design with Analog Sensitivity

The Blind engine is an IT tech device,
but It was also designed to fit with the elements of physical space such as blinds, window frames, wall paper.
Detailed Specification / Components

Officially Certificated Quality

Blind Engine’s max capacity 8ft by 8ft and 15lbs of weight.
However, It can be influenced by the variables like type, cloth.
so we recommend to use within the stable range.
  • Rated Current
  • Motor Speed
  • Power Consumption
    12W (Max)
  • Communication Frequency
  • Rated Voltage
    DC 12V
  • Motor Torque
  • Wireless Specifications
    IEEE 802.11b/g/n
  • Security
  • Wireless Communication Method
  • Additional Requirements
    General Wi-Fi Router(2.4G)

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In order to control the lighting, we sometimes use the electric appliances such as ceiling lights and stand lights.
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There are so many functional and aesthetic inconveniences in the conventional lighting control system.
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